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A hoglin that converts to a zoglin while the warden is angry at it will stop being targeted by the warden


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      The bug

      If a warden gets angry at a hoglin, and said hoglin transforms into a zoglin before the warden can kill it, the warden will not remain angry at this zoglin and will need to become aggressive toward it a second time.

      Note that due to their aggressive nature, the zoglin will likely attack the warden immediately. However, the anger this causes is separate from the initial anger at the hoglin.

      How to reproduce

      1. Summon a warden in the Overworld or End
      2. Summon a hoglin nearby
      3. Have the warden get angry at the hoglin before zombification

      Expected results

      The warden would remain angry even when the targeted hoglin becomes a zoglin.

      Actual results

      It loses its target.

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