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A zombie villager that converts to a villager while the warden is angry at it will stop being targeted by the warden


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      The bug

      If a warden gets angry at a zombie villager, and said zombie villager transforms into a villager before the warden can kill it, the warden will not remain angry at this villager and will need to become aggressive toward it a second time.

      How to reproduce

      1. Create an enclosure protected by sunlight
      2. Spawn a zombie villager inside
      3. Obtain this zombie villager's UUID (e.g. by typing "/data merge entity " while looking at it and then pressing Tab)
      4. Summon in a warden
      5. Have the warden get angry at the zombie villager
      6. Run the command "/data merge entity UUID {ConversionTime:1}

        ", replacing UUID with the entity's actual UUID

      Expected results

      The warden would remain angry even when the targeted zombie villager becomes a villager.

      Actual results

      It loses its target.

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