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When made to fight with /damage zombies can attack at great distances and through walls


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      When using the /damage command to make one zombie hurt another, the attacker zombie will seemingly fight a ghost, get hurt by it and die.
      The zombie that was hurt will try to walk up and attack the attacker zombie as well like normal.


      Zombies with tags are spawned at two sides of a barrier box:
      Spawn Attacker: /summon minecraft:zombie 93.50 -60.00 73.50 {Tags:["attacker"]}
      Spawn Hurt: /summon minecraft:zombie 93.47 -60.00 62.49 {Tags:["hurt"]}

      Damage command to make them attack each other:
      damage @e[tag=hurt,limit=1] 0 minecraft:mob_attack by @e[tag=attacker,limit=1]

      When the attack zombie hurts the "hurt" zombie, the attack zombie seems to start fighting a ghost and being attacked by it. This results in the attackers death in 100% of cases.

      The same effect happens even if there is a barrier or a wall inbetween both zombies, making interaction imposible.

      Was also tested on Creeper and Skeleton but these mobs did not show this effect, even when combined with a zombie

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