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Piglins and hoglins in the Overworld/End produce unintuitive subtitles


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      The bug

      When in the Overworld, the End or any unsafe custom biome, piglin and hoglin mobs will produce the minecraft:entity.piglin.retreat and minecraft:entity.hoglin.retreat sound events respectively. These sounds are accordingly subtitled "Piglin retreats" and "Hoglin retreats", which does not make sense in this context.

      These sound events are also encountered when the mobs are in close proximity to a block or entity they dislike, in which case the subtitle makes sense. However, when inside of a dimension they end up being infected by, they are unable to retreat, and as such the subtitles are effectively nonsensical.

      How to reproduce

      1. Encounter a piglin or hoglin in an unsafe dimension such as the Overworld
      2. Read the subtitles

      Expected results

      The subtitles would be relevant to the mobs being in a dangerous dimension.

      Actual results

      The subtitles insist that the mob is retreating from... something.

      How to fix

      A separate sound event could be added for piglins and hoglins in inhospitable dimensions, which point to the same sound files but have a different, more fitting subtitle.

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