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Right-clicking certain items in the off-hand can generate vibrations


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      Some items that would normally not trigger sculk sensors when right-clicked in the main hand can generate vibrations when right-clicked in the offhand instead. These items are:

      • Shields
      • Bows, crossbows, tridents
      • Spyglass
      • Food

      Note that this isn't talking about the item completing it's animation, just about right-clicking it.

      Expected behavior
      The listed items would not generate vibrations when right-clicked in the off-hand.

      How to reproduce

      1. Get a one of the listed items and place a sculk sensor.
      2. Right-click the item in the main hand, notice how it doesn't trigger the sensor.
      3. Swap your item to your offhand.
      4. Right-click the item again in the offhand and notice how it does trigger the sensor now.

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