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Wardens can't pass over rails


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      Wardens cannot pass through the rails, which causes the player to be able to jam them by creating a square of rails around them, allowing an easy way to kill them. This happens similarly with other entities, but due to the behavior of the new entity this may be a bug.

      In due with MC-33359, this should be WAI to other entities, but with wardens needs a special revision, specially because this entity are not planned to be killed by players.


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Place rails in the border of a 11x11 area (Like in the first image)
      2. Place a sculk shrieker in the middle
      3. Activate the sculk shrieker three times to spawn a warden (you can use a lever, step over them or placing a nearby sculk sensor an being detected by it)
      4. Set your gamemode in survival or adventure an provocate vibrations outside the rails to provocate the warden (Make sure it is not close enough to kill you)
      5. See the warden can't pass over the rails, so they can be killed very easy


      Expected behavior:

      Wardens may pass the rails to kill the player

      Observed behavior:

      Wardens cannot pass the rails, so they can get stuck easily


      This also can be get spawning a warden with spawn egg or summon, but the only way to generate naturally is from sculk shriekers. This causes more cheeseable situations for the warden, even in survival mode.

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