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Creative inventory menu is completely jumbled



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      We all pretty much know the creative inventory and how much it has in terms of containing lots of items sorted in each of nine groups (previously ten, remembering old versions around 1.7). But some of those assortments are kind of... nonsense sometimes...

      1) Building blocks - everything is everywhere, stone itself is in the beginning, stone stairs are somewhere in the middle of the list, stone slab is just above the end of it. Kinda same for other blocks like granite, sandstone, bricks, etc. My point is... why not just align them together? Like, sometimes I'm losing track of what I'm looking for because I usually get lost trying to find oak stairs, which are whoever know where. Rather by the material or just by block type in general. Like, first might be dirt and sand, sandstone, then blocks related to stone and cobblestone, and then stone blocks after, then other stone types... You get my point, I hope.

      2) Decorations - flora might be just collected together, as well as container blocks. Also, lecterns, cauldrons and brewing stands are decorations as well (well, by the logic of having furnaces and workbench tables as "decorations"). I know, lectern is related to redstone and brewing stand and cauldrons are related to brewing, but... Dragon head is also redstone related block. How about just having them... in both groups, perhaps? Speaking of...

      3) Foodstuffs and Brewing - Golden carrot is in brewing, but it's edible, while spider eye is in foodstuffs but is related to brewing as well. Kind of silly, considering the fact that Golden carrots are better food than eyes. Again, we could have them both in two groups, and not only them, but also, let's say... pufferfishes. Also sugar, gunpowder, nether warts and few others are brewing related as well, especially warts, but they're not counted? Uhm...

      4) Tools and Combat - and just to support the idea of sharing item groups... Axes. Axes are both weapons and tools. And of course I'm not talking about them just because they deal more damage than hand or an average item, but because they were rebuilt to be both at once, so axes are good for combat as well. So, again, why just not have them be in both like enchanted books with Unbreaking III, Mending and Curse of Vanishing? And it's definitely better to sort some of the Combat and Tool items, because it's just a little weird when trident, crossbow, totem of undying, lead and name tag in the bottom under enchanted books. (Same goes for Phantom membranes being after lingering potions)

      5) Miscellaneous - not sure about this group except some of the items being related to brewing, so can't be sure here.


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