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Goats do not move correctly after they are tempted during a long jump


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      The bug

      A goat that is tempted by a player holding wheat while the goat is in the middle of a long jump does not move correctly after completing their jump. It essentially loses friction with the ground.

      How to reproduce

      1. Recreate the setup shown in the following image (different types of leaves used only to show size, but leaves should still be used when building the setup [any type]): MC-228273-setup.png
      2. Use a goat spawn egg to summon a goat on the block between the four rails
      3. Hold wheat in your hand, and make sure the goat is tempted (looking at you)
      4. Wait a minute, or until minecraft:long_jump_cooling_down is no longer existent in the goat's memory:
        /data get entity @e[type=goat,limit=1,sort=nearest] Brain.memories
      5. Switch your selected item to something other than wheat, then switch back to the wheat after a second
      6. Wait until the goat jumps onto the second cobblestone block, and continue to hold the wheat
        The frictionless goat, moving as if it is on ice, attempts to follow the player

      Expected behavior

      After following the steps listed above, the goat should move normally, and should not move as if it is frictionless.


      See this Twitch clip for the bug in action.
      See this YouTube video by pr0cess for more information about the problem and how to reproduce this issue.

      Code analysis

      Code analysis by PR0CESS can be found in this comment.

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