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Breezes sometimes get the zoomies after jumping


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      Sometimes after a breeze performs a jump, it will very quickly run in circles with no ground friction, and then zoom off in a direction before resuming its circles. If the breeze does not switch to another attack pattern, it can run off into the distance at nearly the speed of creative flight.

      To reproduce:
      1-Summon a breeze.

      2-Walk in circles near the breeze to make it dash around (you will see lots of particles). The breeze may spawn in like this and this step can be skipped. (this happens in the attached video).

      3-Strafe around the breeze at a medium distance, around 10 blocks. When it jumps move forwards and sideways to maintain this distance.

      4-Watch the breeze as it lands. Rarely, it will slide as it lands, producing lots of particles. This is the bug. The breeze will start to move in circles or ellipses.

      5-If the breeze does not switch to another attack, you can examine this behavior further. This can be easily done by quickly switching to creative mode.

      Since this bug is somewhat difficult to reproduce, a full video is attached.

      Expected behavior:
      The breeze does not lose ground friction and it continues to attack the player



      In this video, the bug occurs twice. The first is at the 30 second mark, but it is quickly restored to normal behavior by the breeze jumping again. The second is 1 minute later at 1:30, where this time I am able to go into creative to show the bug further.

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