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Blazes retaliate against each other despite being pack mobs


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      Monster infighting is a term in Minecraft used to denote when mobs fight each other after accidently being hit. There are two of types of retaliation: pack mobs, and lone wolves. When attacked, pack mobs will retaliate and other mobs of the same type will be called to help them fight. Examples of pack mobs include wolves, Illagers, zombies, zombified piglins, piglins, hoglins, blazes, and bees. Pack mobs also never retaliate against mobs of the same species. Lone wolves, however, will fight back alone and will retaliate against their brethren if provoked. Examples are skeletons, spiders, creepers, and endermen. Blazes, despite being pack mobs, do retaliate against other blazes if attacked. In normal gameplay, this never happens, because blazes cannot damage each other due to their attacks dealing only fire damage. This is probably an oversight because a blaze cannot deal damage to another blaze in normal gameplay.

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      See MC-227157

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