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Java Edition is using credits from Bedrock now



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      The latest version of the credits is an exact copy of the Bedrock Edition credits, which contains tons of people and corporations that did not work on Java Edition. This makes the credits significantly longer, and it's organized much more erratically.

      Weird inclusions:

      • Sections like "Bedrock Software Developers"
      • Development Partner: Virtuosity (and 8 other WA-based corporations). These are entire sections with hundreds of third-party employees listed
      • Nearly 300 "Lionbridge" employees across various sections
      • Minecraft Dungeons-related stuff, included without distinction
      • Names are no longer consistently in alphabetical order (MC-223552)
      • Over 500 random people have company names after their names in parentheses. In some cases these are so long that they wrap awkwardly (MC-226762)
      • Daniel Rosenfeld (C418) is no longer credited with music alongside Lena Raine, he only appears in the sound design section (MC-227107)
      • The "Explore. Dream. Discover." quote is gone! (MC-227204)
      • "Minecraft creator" is no longer the first listed category; Notch shows up an hour in, buried in the alumni section

      Obviously these people are important and should be credited, but putting everyone who affected the entire franchise for any reason into the JE credits makes it overkill. Overall, the credits went from having 271 names under 95 titles across 4 sections, to 1418 names under 271 titles across 29 sections. The credits now take one hour and thirty-one minutes to sit through. You have to actively hold spacebar for 20 minutes if you want the fast version. The fastest version takes about one and a half minute when L-Ctrl, R-Ctrl, and spacebar are hold down.

      Unfortunately this is probably intended, but I do think it's a bit of a shame to go from relevant, well-organized credits to this mess of endless names and corporations.


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