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C418 is removed from ==Composers== in credits.json


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      The new credits is copied from Bedrock edition, so the removal of notch can be explained. But why are you removing C418??? He wrote most of minecraft musics, and you are kicking him away from "Composers".

      How irony, the background music is Alpha made by C418, but himself is no longer a "composer".


      screenshots: before (21w20a), after (1.17-pre1~1.17-pre3).


      well, "Fixed". So will you fix the same issue in Bedrock edition? This wrong credits.json is from Bedrock edition after all.

      btw why using Bedrock credits? I know MC-226535 is resolved as WAI, but Bedrock edition programmers appear in Java edition CREDITS is weird. Java edition credits should show people who contributed to Java edition, not Bedrock edition.

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