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Cannot move into powder snow while falling


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      The Bug

      If the player is falling next to powder snow when attempting to move into the powder snow, the player will collide with the powder snow instead of moving into the block.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to the top of a tall wall/pillar of Powder Snow
      2. Walk off the edge
      3. Attempt to move back into the pillar (while you're falling)

      Useful commands

      Create a pillar of powder snow up to build height:

      /fill ~ ~ ~ ~ 255 ~ minecraft:powder_snow

      Teleport yourself 100 blocks into the air:

      /tp @s ~ ~100 ~

      Observed behaviour

      You can't move into the pillar of Powder Snow

      Expected behaviour

      The player would be able to move into the Powder Snow, as it doesn't have a side collision box


      • This can be reproduced with or without leather boots on - the behaviour is the same
      • After a lot of dragging a pig around with a lead, I came to the conclusion that this affects other entities too.
      • You can even place powder snow on every other block (see below). The behaviour is still the same.
      • Gliding into powder snow with elytra only works if you do it side-on.


      A pillar with Powder Snow every other block:

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