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Weighted pressure plates are in the wrong order in the Creative inventory



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      For a comprehensive list of other examples of issues with item positions in the Creative inventory, click here.

      All tickets associated with item placement in the Creative inventory are valid for cases introduced in 1.16 and later as per this comment. Exceptions exist, which are valid for their own reasons.

      The bug

      Currently weighted pressure plates bridge the functional gap between stone and wooden pressure plates. This means that the plates are ordered as follows:

      ignores items - partial sensitivity to items - fully powered by items

      This arrangement is likely intended. However, the sub-arrangement has a minor flaw: gold pressure plates are more sensitive to items than iron pressure plates are. Therefore, it would be expected iron pressure plates to be on the side of stone pressure plates and gold on the side of wooden, but they are currently flipped, messing up this order.

      This could be easily fixed by just flipping the two, such that the order goes:

      ignores items - weakly sensitive to items - very sensitive to items - fully powered by items

      How to reproduce

      1. Open the Creative inventory
      2. Locate Light Weighted Pressure Plate in Redstone
      3. Locate Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate in Redstone
      4. Note that their positions are flipped from what is expected as per the above criteria




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