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Odd village generation



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    • 1.16.4
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    • Windows 10 Home 64-bit
      Intel Core i5-8265U
      8 GB RAM
      Intel UHD Graphics 620
      Java 8 Update 271
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      After creating a new creative world (generated structures ON) I noticed a village with a strange generation. Some elements were in wrong place: grass growing on acacia planks and stripped logs, wheat and melons growing on paths, missing acacia wood from the village well, the well ceiling moved one block from its position, the water that hydrates crops remaining still in its place without flowing away and a house where the bottom block was replaced by wheat growing on farmland and water. In this house the door was also missing the bottom part and the bed was made only of the head. I don't know if the following are bugs: farms placed on hillsides, hay bales placed on top of growing wheat and houses in biome minecraft:river. I attached some screenshot and a manual crash report that may be useful.

      How to reproduce:
      1. Create a new world with seed 5997805172735081152 and generated structures ON
      2. Go or teleport to -142 79 234 (you will be near the odd village well)
      3. Go to the places seen in screenshots:
        You'll see the wrong village generation


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