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Some Fishing Bobber subtitles do not use the complete entity name


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      The bug

      There are three subtitles displayed whilst fishing: One for throwing the Fishing Bobber, one for when the Fishing Bobber splashes (something is caught), and one for when the Fishing Bobber is retrieved. However, these subtitles are inconsistent with each other, as only one of them uses the full name of the entity (Fishing Bobber).

      All of these subtitles should use the full name of the entity. This would make them consistent with all other subtitles.

      The lines below are the subtitles from the en_us.json file.

        "subtitles.entity.fishing_bobber.retrieve": "Bobber retrieved",
        "subtitles.entity.fishing_bobber.splash": "Fishing Bobber splashes",
        "subtitles.entity.fishing_bobber.throw": "Bobber thrown", 

      The name of the entity from that same file is shown as Fishing Bobber:

        "entity.minecraft.fishing_bobber": "Fishing Bobber", 

      How to reproduce

      1. Cast a fishing rod into water, and notice how the subtitle is Bobber thrown (incorrect)
      2. Wait until you see the subtitle Fishing Bobber splashes (correct)
      3. Reel in your catch, and notice the subtitle Bobber retrieved (incorrect)


      The following screenshots have been attached to MC-195836 by Awesoman3000, before these two issues were separated.

      Screenshot 1 (below): The name of the entity.

      Screenshot 2 (below): Both incorrect subtitles.

       Screenshot 3 (below): The correct subtitle.

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