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Loot tables from blocks don't pass entity conditions when referenced in other loot tables



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      Loot tables generated directly from containers (Chests) don't pass on the entity that generated them when they are referenced by another loot table.

      What I expected to happen was....

      The chest I opened to pass me as the entity for conditions, and generate accordingly

      What actually happened was....

      No entity was passed therefore no entity condition succeeded


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Make a loot table with entity conditions
      2. Make another loot table that references it
      3. Run a command that sets a container with the second loot table (ex: "/setblock ~ ~ ~1 chest{LootTable:"spawners:enchanted_evoker_wand"}")
      4. Open the container
      5.  The loot generated will have missing properties (scores, selectors and other properties relying on the entity), but the referenced one works correctly


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