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Removing the workstation of a zombie villager with a profession, then curing it, makes the villager ignore its profession when claiming another workstation


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    • 20w28a, 1.16.3
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      The bug

      After removing the workstation of a zombie villager with a profession and then curing the zombie villager, the villager will claim any workstation, regardless of its profession. It restocks and functions normally otherwise.

      When working, the sound effect matches the villager's profession, not the workstation (e.g. a toolsmith restocking at a lectern will play minecraft:entity.villager.work_toolsmith).

      To reproduce

      1. Trade with a villager that has a profession and a workstation.
      2. Zombify the villager.
      3. Replace the villager's workstation with a different type of workstation–it has to be visible, accessible, and unclaimed.
      4. Cure the villager.



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