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Advancement announcement message has switched brackets for right-to-left languages


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      The bug

      It appears for right-to-left languages, such as Arabic or Hebrew, the square brackets of the advancement announcement messages in chat are switched.

      Note that this appears to not be a translation issue for these specific languages. The problem is rather that the square brackets are not part of the translation, but are instead appended by code (see net.minecraft.advancements.Advancement constructor). This might be solvable by adding a translation [%s] to which then the formatting is applied and the advancement name is inserted into it.

      This is not a duplicate of MC-191571 because for advancements separate code is used. However, it would make sense to reuse to same code used by MC-191571 nonetheless.

      Reproduction steps

      1. Change the language to a right-to-left one, e.g. Arabic (first right-to-left language in the list)
      2. Grant yourself an advancement
        /advancement grant @s everything

        The square brackets are switched

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