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Brackets in potion effects are reversed in right-to-left languages


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      The bug

      In potions and potion effects, the brackets are reversed. The characters "(" and ")" are switched.
      See attachments for an example.

      This is not a duplicate of MC-191571 or MC-190856 because for potions separate code (method net.minecraft.world.item.alchemy.PotionUtils.addPotionTooltip) is used. However, it would make sense to create a similar method to the one used by MC-191571 / MC-190856 nonetheless.

      How to reproduce

      1. Switch your language to any RTL language (eg. Arabic)
      2. Open the creative menu, in the potions tab.
      3. View any potion, and you will see that the brackets in the effects of the potion are reversed.

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