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Endermen don't teleport to the player when they can't pathfind/get to them


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      Hostile Endermen don't teleport to the player, even in situations when there is no (other) clear way to them.

      For example you can hide in a house or a cave, and even if there would be room for them, they don't teleport there to go after the player.

      Or, when you hit them and they teleport away, they sometimes get stuck in a cave or other unreachable area, and never teleport back. This seems to consistently happen when fighting them in the Nether's Warped Forests.

      This sometimes even happens when they are on a higher platform than you, and they don't want to take fall damage. Instead of teleporting, they just stay there, waiting for the player to come to them. And sometimes the opposite happens, and they decide take the huge fall damage still instead of teleporting.

      How to reproduce:

      1. Provoke an Enderman
      2. Enter a house with a roof taller than 3 blocks high, and observe the Enderman

      = Instead of the Enderman teleporting to the player, they instead just stare and wait outside next to the wall or door.


      And when they can't get to the player, they soon forget about them and turn neutral again, far away from the player.


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