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Server tick freeze (timeout) on bonemealing nylium


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    • Java edition; Windows 10 Home (Version 1909); Java 8 (build 1.8.0_231-b11); Single player
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      I got this issue several times in single player, while trying to design a nether sprout/root farm. My assumptions are that It's either entirely triggered by rng or by the nylium blocks being moved at unfortunate times and chance.

      Expected behaviour:
      Nether vegetation grows normally around block it's being dispensed on or if blocks are in movement, nothing happens.

      What happens sometimes instead:
      Vegetation doesn't appear, server tick freezes, client continues like everything is normal. (So I can still fly around, but can't flick levers, pick items up or quit & save the game. (On quit the dirt background shows up, but nothing happens after that, can't close it with alt+f4 but the window doesn't show up as 'not responding'))

      How to reproduce:
      Use bone meal on nylium block with upward facing dispenser while the nylium is being moved by a piston. (Not sure if piston movement or dispenser direction matters)

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