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New nether biomes don't work properly in buffet worlds


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    • 20w14a, 20w16a
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      The bug

      The new nether biomes (nether wastes, soul sand valley, crimson forest, warped forest and basalt deltas) do not work in Surface or Floating Island Buffet worlds.

      To reproduce

      1. Create New World
      2. Select More World Options
      3. Make a buffet world
      4. Select Soul Sand Valley
      5. Set terrain type to Floating Islands or Surface
        Floating Island mode Freezes the game before it even loads terrain (Image Below)
        -Surface mode creates a purely ocean world (This happened the first time i tried to make one but works fine now for some reason)

      The following list is updated in version 20w15a:

      Biomes All world generators that freeze the game
      Nether wastes Surface
      Crimson forest Surface
      Warped forest Surface and floating islands
      Soul sand valley Surface
      Basalt deltas Surface

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