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NullPointerException when a structure containing a campfire is placed during world generation


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    • Resolution: Fixed
    • 20w18a
    • 1.15.2, 20w13b, 20w15a, 20w16a, 20w17a
    • Ubuntu 18.04, OpenJDK 1.8.0_242
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      When a structure:

      1. Contains a campfire
      2. The campfire is placed where a fluid was previously
      3. During world generation (does NOT occur by placing the structure with a structure block)

      Then the following crash occurs:


      java.lang.NullPointerException: Feature placement
      	at bwo.f(SourceFile:201)
      	at bpr.a(SourceFile:181)
      	at cms.a(SourceFile:280)
      	at clx.a(SourceFile:62)
      	at clq$a.a(SourceFile:139)
      	at clv.a(SourceFile:63)
      	at cfl.a(SourceFile:78)
      	at cdc.a(SourceFile:53)
      	at cka.a(SourceFile:91)
      	at java.util.stream.Streams$StreamBuilderImpl.forEachRemaining(Streams.java:419)
      	at java.util.stream.ReferencePipeline$Head.forEach(ReferencePipeline.java:647)
      	at cka.a(SourceFile:90)
      	at cjj.a(SourceFile:36)
      	at cdi.a(SourceFile:21)
      	at cdi.a(SourceFile:14)
      	at cdc.a(SourceFile:53)
      	at bkt.a(SourceFile:417)
      	at caa.a(SourceFile:125)
      	at cae.c(SourceFile:84)
      	at cae.a(SourceFile:214)
      	at wp.a(SourceFile:549)
      	at com.mojang.datafixers.util.Either$Left.map(Either.java:38)
      	at wp.a(SourceFile:543)
      	at java.util.concurrent.CompletableFuture.uniCompose(CompletableFuture.java:966)
      	at java.util.concurrent.CompletableFuture$UniCompose.tryFire(CompletableFuture.java:940)
      	at java.util.concurrent.CompletableFuture$Completion.run(CompletableFuture.java:456)
      	at wr.b(SourceFile:58)
      	at aiv.e(SourceFile:83)
      	at aiv.a(SourceFile:123)
      	at aiv.run(SourceFile:91)
      	at java.util.concurrent.ForkJoinTask$RunnableExecuteAction.exec(ForkJoinTask.java:1402)
      	at java.util.concurrent.ForkJoinTask.doExec(ForkJoinTask.java:289)
      	at java.util.concurrent.ForkJoinPool$WorkQueue.runTask(ForkJoinPool.java:1056)
      	at java.util.concurrent.ForkJoinPool.runWorker(ForkJoinPool.java:1692)
      	at java.util.concurrent.ForkJoinWorkerThread.run(ForkJoinWorkerThread.java:157)


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a new world with default world generation settings
      2. Install the attached datapack, which adds some campfires to the "minecraft:shipwreck/with_mast" structure. Don't forget to /reload.
      3. Search for shipwrecks. Note that it may take a few attempts as not all shipwrecks use the with_mast template, and not all shipwrecks generate underwater.

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