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Honey block no longer transmits



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      Just upgraded to 1.15.2 from 1.15, and honey blocks no longer transmit a redstone signal, this has broken my EEPRAWM (electronically erasable, programmable read and write memory) chip array design for a rather large redstone computer after I implemented it. The design allows me to put more dynamic address-based memory into a chunk than ever before but relies on that slime and honey don't stick to each other but do transmit redstone. Worked in 1.15 but its broken in 1.15.2  I can cut it out and remake it, but that will reduce the per-chunk memory from 512 bytes to 341 bytes, so to get the same memory I'd have to add a whole extra set of partitions and addresses for the cpu to select from. In other words, a complete redesign of the computer (not going to happen) or downgrading the world to 1.15 and never upgrading it which kind of sucks. Unless there's a way to make it transmit redstone properly in a datapack? Like, {"item": "transluscient": false} or something. The wiki has apparently already been updated to say that honey does not transmit, so I really really hope it's not "working as intended" :S


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