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Log repeatedly prints the message "Ticking entity", and finally crashes the game


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    • 19w41a
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    • Windows 10 home
      HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop
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      The bug

      I'm just moving around in my jungle world while trying to record a youtube video.
      Windows that were open are chrome, obs, sticky notes, streamlabs obs, and the minecraft launcher, as well as the game
      The game will crash after moving around a little bit.

      Very lagging in the jungle, the log repeatedly prints the message "Ticking entity", and finally crashes the game.


      1. Create a superflat world of jungle biome, and fly freely on the world.
      2. Using spawn eggs to spawn very many parrots.
      3. Use the following command
        /tp @e[type=parrot] @p

      Here is the crash report:

      Description: Ticking entity
      java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking entity
      	at atd.a(SourceFile:407)
      	at akm.ab(SourceFile:301)
      	at akn.ab(SourceFile:228)
      	at akd.h(SourceFile:399)
      	at akm.h(SourceFile:2059)
      	at akn.h(SourceFile:295)
      	at atk.h(SourceFile:34)
      	at dmr.a(SourceFile:165)
      	at bjk.a(SourceFile:648)
      	at dmr.g(SourceFile:136)
      	at das.n(SourceFile:1389)
      	at das.d(SourceFile:907)
      	at das.b(SourceFile:569)
      	at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main(SourceFile:199)

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