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Parrots Causing Ticking Entity Crash


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      In attempting to transport parrots out of the jungle biome and back to my home base, the parrots are causing ticking entity error game crashes. This has happened to me with four separate parrots that I have attempted to bring with me. I generally find that when I first tame a parrot and begin to move, they will spawn to my location if I get too far away without problem, but once I enter an area that is generally denser than the others (mobs, or denser foliage) they begin to encounter the ticking entity error. Sometimes I can reload the game and get a few more teleport spawns from them before they cause the errors again, but overall attempting to travel with the parrots soon becomes a battle of how slow I can reasonably go to prevent them from teleporting, or killing them (much to my immense displeasure) because it's too much of a nuisance to try and travel over 2000 blocks with them crashing the game every 15-20 blocks...


      Below is an excerpt from the crash report:


      – Entity being ticked –
      Entity Type: minecraft:parrot (atd)
      Entity ID: 52
      Entity Name: Parrot
      Entity's Exact location: 2132.83, 65.32, -426.30
      Entity's Block location: World: (2132,65,-427), Chunk: (at 4,4,5 in 133,-27; contains blocks 2128,0,-432 to 2143,255,-417), Region: (4,-1; contains chunks 128,-32 to 159,-1, blocks 2048,0,-512 to 2559,255,-1)
      Entity's Momentum: 0.01, -0.08, -0.02
      Entity's Passengers: []
      Entity's Vehicle: ~ERROR~ NullPointerException: null

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