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Certain failed block right-click actions take precedence over right-click actions of items, also causing hand animations



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      When an item with a right click action (tested here using a fishing rod) is used while aiming at a block which has another right click action which is not relevant to the held item (tested here with flower pots and signs), the block's right-click action takes precedence over the item's. Since the right click action of the block neither opens a GUI (as in storage containers, enchantment tables, command blocks, etc.) nor does it toggle a block state (as in doors, levers, buttons, berry bushes and others), one would expect the item's action to override the block's. However, this is not the case.

      Currently affected blocks are:

      • signs (see MC-166885)
      • wall signs (see MC-166885)
      • flower pots (see MC-195095, do not cause hand animation); see also the special case MC-193010
      • lecterns (see MC-195095, do not cause hand animation)
      • bells (ringing; this doesn't fall under a blockstate change or gui opening, so probably not intended)
      • dragon eggs (when they can't teleport)
      • cake (only if the item to be used is in the offhand and the main hand is empty, see MC-114718; does not cause hand animation)
      • beds (if they cannot set the spawn point)
      • chests (when obstructed)
      • trapped chests (when obstructed)
      • ender chests (when obstructed)
      • shulker boxes (when obstructed)
      • decorated pot (when full)

      Pressed-in buttons also block right click actions in a manner similar to flower pots, however this behaviour should be kept to stop accidental item use when pressing buttons.

      Note blocks are not included here as right clicking obstructed note blocks does indeed change their block states, however this is difficult to notice.


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