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Bee Nest won't stop filling itself up (And the honey filling sound won't stop playing either)



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    • Affects Version/s: 19w34a
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      I was testing out the 19w34a Snapshot and decided to place 4 bee nests on a tree, and place a 5x5 array of campfires around the tree (with the tree in the center of the campfires, so there was only 24). After about 30 seconds they started making rapid noises (the noise they make when they are at max honey level). I wondered what was happening so i tried bottling it (in survival, not creative) and it kept refilling instantly every time I bottled it. (there was an insane amount of honey on the ground, as shown in the attached photo). I did have an offhand item that gave me Luck +1024 when in my offhand, but that did not affect it, as I tested it again 50 blocks away without it in my inventory, and it happened again.  I also tested to see if it made infinite honeycombs, and sure enough, it did. Even after breaking the campfires, they refilled constantly. They were on a tree, nothing special. This was about 50 blocks away from spawn, in a plains biome (I spawned in plains)

      Summary: Found an infinite honey glitch after placing campfires underneath bee nests

      -There were no bees within 20 blocks of the nests, and none returned nor ventured out before they started filling.
      -I tested the same thing with Bee Hives, and nothing happened. It is only bee nests.

      IMPORTANT UPDATE: I Placed a few hives on a tree, with one bee near it. I did not place anymore campfires underneath it. the same thing is happening. infinite honey, even when campfires aren't present. The sound of honey filling is getting on my nerves now. (I added a new picture)


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