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Copying a bee nest/hive with NBT duplicates the bees inside of it as well, causing multiple bees with the same UUID to exist in the same world at the same time


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      The bug

      When copying a bee hive using methods like a silk touch tool, Ctrl+Pick Block or F3+I, the bees inside of the bee hive are copied as well. When placing multiple of those bee hives in the world, the game tries to constantly eject the bee(s) from the bee hive. But only one bee with the same UUID can exist simultaneously, so that the bee cannot be ejected. Hence the bee hives will continuously make a lot of noisy sounds, and the level of the bee hive or nest constantly increases.

      Additionally, a line like the following:

      Keeping entity minecraft:bee that already exists with UUID 50e581d5-f682-45f6-97df-2ee7c88f9402

      is constantly added to the game output log.

      To reproduce

      1. Be in Creative mode
      2. Get a bee hive
      3. Make sure that a bee enters the hive
      4. Copy it using Ctrl + Pick Block
      5. Place a copied bee hive somewhere else
      6. Wait for a moment until a bee tries to leave the hive
        The bee hive will start making annoying sounds continuously

      Original description

      Bee hive make a lot of sounds

      I copied a Bee Hive with NBT (ctrl+middle click) and placed it. I copied the whole world with the buggy bee hive
      Block Data https://pastebin.com/8gBrRnF2

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