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Repeaters do not update properly


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      This bug was witnessed in a creative single player world in Java version 1.14.3

      As seen on file Buggy repeater: a repeater, taking its input from a repeater redstone clock, does not behave in the same way as the others. It only switches off once every two clock cycles, while all other repeaters switch off once per cycle.  Removing the redstone dot in the crosshairs solves the issue. Reducing the delay of the repeater to less than 4 ticks also solves the bug. Modifying the layout of the redstone clock can create the same issue on other repeaters taking their input from it.

      There are no redstone components interacting directly with that circuit in my example.


      This bug has been reproduced, as seen on file Buggy repeater 2.  In this example, adding redstone on the block in the crosshairs (or reducing the delay of the repeater) solves the bug.


      On both these examples, the repeaters are facing west,  I reproduced the circuit, but rotated 90 degree - the repeater facing  south. The same bug occured, as seen on Buggy repeater 3, but the fix of putting redstone dust on the block in the crosshairs didn't work.


      This bug was also reproduced by a friend in another singleplayer world on another computer using another account.

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