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Iron Golems Permanently Aggressive/Unaffected by Player Interaction (1.14.2)



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    • Minecraft 1.14.3 Pre-Release 4
    • Vanilla Server running 1.14.2. Run with command line: {{java -Xms1024M -Xmx5G -jar minecraft_server.1.14.2.jar nogui}}

      OS: Windows 10

      Java Information: Version 8 Update 211 build 1.8.0_211-b12
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      As far as I can tell this is new and not a duplicate of MC-152057, although very similar to MC-154244.

      I have been playing on this server, which I host, for some time and have built a large artificial village with about 50 villagers. This was built not long after the 1.14 update and I have had no problems up until a few days ago. Seemingly out of nowhere, about half of the iron golems in the village became aggressive. Even though I tried a number of things that are supposed to raise my reputation with the village none of them have worked.

      Here's a list of the things I have tried:

      Giving myself the Hero of the Village effect through /effect give @s minecraft:hero_of_the_village

      Giving myself Bad Omen through /effect give @s minecraft:bad_omen }}then completing the raid. I did this once by myself and once with{{ /kill

      Getting Bad Omen II naturally by killing naturally spawning pillager patrols and completing the raid myself

      Curing a zombie villager within the village

      Building a new iron golem within the village

      Buying the last trade slot of master rank villagers 30+ times

      Giving the villagers multiple stacks of bread

      Dying to the iron golems several times

      Waiting 20 in game days

      After none of these things worked I also attempted to kill all of the iron golems with {{/kill @e[type=minecraft:iron_golem] }}After this, every iron golem in the village turned aggressive. I also attempted to bring all iron golems out of range of the village with {{/tp @e[type=iron_golem, distance=..100] @s }}New golems spawned and they were still aggressive.

      Villagers' trades are overpriced even while Hero of the Village is active by up to 3000% (1 emerald up to 30 for a stone pickaxe).





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