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Village Reputation Frozen



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      I have a problem in my self-made village that iron golems are permanently aggressive to me. I even went into creative and traded with ALL of the villagers, and waiting a few days to see if the gossip would spread, but it didn't, it just permanently stays at the lowest point of reputation. From what I can see, this is a bug and should be fixed because I can't even trade with my villagers and all their prices are overpriced like crazy. And even when I do things that should boost reputation, such as making golems for them, trading with them in the highest trade they have until they run out, and building new houses for them, they still are permanently stuck at the lowest reputation.

      In other words, made a artificial village near my base, reputation has always been frozen at the point where iron golems would attack, but iron golems wouldn't attack before 1.14.2 because of the bug in 1.14.1 where the wouldn't attack you. Updated to 1.14.2, iron golems are aggressive of course. But the problem is the reputation is permanently frozen; even went in creative and traded with all the master villagers last trades, still didn't change anything. Friends have no problems with fluctuating reputation but I am permanently stuck for some reason.

      Not really sure how to reproduce this problem due to the village reputation being changed in 1.14 with mojang giving no ways to gain reputation or lose and no way to check your reputation in 1.14, etc. But maybe making an artificial village, getting your reputation to lowest possible and trying to regain it, which is currently not possible for me even when trading with them and not hurting any of them.


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