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how to fix spiders Z-Fighting eyes (/) this is the way to fix it!



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    • Minecraft 1.14.2, Minecraft 1.14.3 Pre-Release 2
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      So i reported the glitch before and it duplicated this time its how to fix it photos in attachment


      +i just changed the enderman's eyes to green color then the entire skin goes negative xD

      what did i done

      so i basicly screenshoted the Z-Fighting then i just go in spider texture then i cleared the spider's eye (note i didnt earth it with normal eather that makes it white i just make it hollow)

      then i entered the game and boom  a smi-transperent spider eye happened that happen when the spider is invisible effect so here is the solutions

      Solutions for the spider

      as you see in the attachment the transperent eye here is the way to fix it:

      making the invisible eye that came from the invisible effect in the spider so always this eyes are appeard with the texture of the spider eye itself so the solution is all the time spiders will have no eyes only the eyes in the texture then when the invisible potion comes the spider texture disappear as normal then the spider eyes appear from the another texture folder

      another way??


      making it same as endermam the texture has no eyes and the eye texture only works.


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