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1.14.2 - Villagers crowding beds, not performing daily routine


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    • Minecraft 1.14.2
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    • -Java version 1.14.2
      -Running MC on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4
      -Do have a resource pack installed, but that does not seem to affect anything
      -No mods installed
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    • Village system

      As stated in the summary, villagers are not functioning properly. I have noticed that multiple villagers crowd both empty and used beds at all times. When the night comes, villagers do not go to sleep in the empty beds they are crowding. As for the used beds they are crowding, they are unable to sleep in them. Clusters of about 2-3 villagers crowd individual beds in my village, but in some cases it may be 5-6 villagers crowding a single bed. They do not crowd every single bed in my village, they only crowd a select few. There are some beds in the village that seem to go unnoticed and are not used at all. Since villagers are crowding beds at all times of the day, they are unable to perform their natural routines. These villagers do not go to their work stations, refresh their trades, nor meet up to "gossip" in the afternoon. They merely crowd the same bed, used or empty, at all times.

      When crowded beds are destroyed, villagers disperse and crowd other beds, whether they're used or empty. Again, these villagers do not sleep in the newly crowded beds when night comes. I destroyed every single bed in my village to see if it would fix the problem, but it didn't. Without any beds, villagers remain in their houses around the same blocks their beds were once at. They do not go to their workstations, refill their trades, nor gossip in the afternoon. Once I replaced their beds, they went back to crowding the same beds they previously had.

      This crowding issue was present in 1.14, but was solvable by destroying beds and replacing them. It did not seem to happen in 1.14.1, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible that it did.

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