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Bad reputation doesn't dissapear after trading several times



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      When I started to repopulate my village, I accidentally hit the villager I was taking to my village when trying to kill some zombies, after taking him to my village and then him gossiping, the prices on the trading menu were more expensive.


      But now, several in-game days, and after several trades with the villagers, all villagers still have their prices up, and they have never made them any lower, even after several gossips and trading with them several times, they still have more expensive prices.


      It's quite annoying to be honest


      How to reproduce:

      Hit a villager

      Wait for the villagers to gossip in the town center

      You'll see that the prices of trades have increased because of you being bad

      Trade with them several times

      You'll see that after several days of trading the bad reputation isn't gone


      The prices increasing after being hit is normal, but I have traded several times with them after that, and if I'm right that should make them reduce their prices because I'm being friendly with them, but it has been several ingame days and the bad reputation hasn't gone away.


      Update: it seems like villagers you trade with before gossiping at the town center never increase their prices after gossiping and being told about your bad reputation.


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