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Animals keep reappearing and won't let place blocks in that spot also furnace sometimes just stop working



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    • Minecraft 19w09a
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    • System: Windows 10 Pro

      Java: (build 1.8.0_201-b09) Version 8 Update 201
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      The problem showed visually:  https://youtu.be/Rd7CVwHRkms 

      I had an animal farm that was a hole 4x4x1 in the ground surrounded by fences. Once I decided to move them to a bigger place (the animals) (which was 1 chunk away) they keep reappearing in the old spot as shown in the YouTube video I attached. Also while this was happening my furnace stopped working. I opened the furnace and nothing was cooking and the arrow/fire was stuck half full and not moving (the furnace didn't look activated), so I decided to break it and place it again(that didn't fix the problem and everything was the same as described in bold) BUT if i placed the same furnace on other block it worked(i tried placing the furnace on other places then breaking it then placing it in the old spot and it would be bugged as described in bold) .Of course once I started recording after many game restarts it as to why I was confused at the start of the video. 


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