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Odd terrain generation in Plains Village messing with elevation


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    • Minecraft 19w06a
    • Windows 10, Java 1.8.1
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      The elevation in some villages is off. Some paths appear to have generated on top of existing grass blocks. I re-created the world with generated structures turned off (same seed) to confirm. Because of this, the path is sometimes 1 block higher than a building's entrance, making the buildings look sunken.

      Some other weird stuff involving this happened, such as a church being generated completely 1 block above the ground, aside from some dirt by the entrance. This left it with no "floor" when first entering, making it impossible to enter the church without placing a block where the first piece of floor should be.

      There was also some of the terrain that was supposed to be "overwritten" by the village left over in places it seemed it shouldn't have. For example, one house had a few dirt blocks inside, and there was a tree surrounded by ordinary grass blocks right in the middle of a street, right in front of a house, trapping the villagers inside. There was also a tree in front of a fence gate, preventing entry to a pig pen.

      And I'm not sure if this one is bug-related or not, but one of the houses was completely isolated, on a floating island of dirt literally plugged into an overhanging cliff. Like, the roof was completely embedded in the mountain.


      This has happened with a few other villages I've seen, so I don't think it's just this seed.

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