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Certain items glitch when rendered



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 18w45a
    • Fix Version/s: Minecraft 18w46a
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      The bug

      Certain items when rendered have a weird texture glitch.

      Here's a table of affected items.

      Item Notes and Pictures Item Notes and Pictures
      Cobwebs 2018-11-07_21.54.02.png Glass Pane 2018-11-07_18.03.47.png
      Grass At the bottom Swords At the tip and bottom
      Ladder Green at top and blue at bottom Bow and Crossbow 2018-11-08_16.33.29.png2018-11-08_16.34.50.png
      Name Tag 2018-11-08_16.37.53.png Trident 2018-11-08_16.40.33.png
      Tipped Arrows 2018-11-08_16.53.48.png Wheat 2018-11-08_16.57.00.png
      Bricks 2018-11-08_16.57.56.png Horse Armor 2018-11-08_16.59.09.png
      Boats Side and paddle Tall Grass 2018-11-08_17.53.41.png
      Sea Grass At the bottom Sea Pickle At the bottom
      Dead Bush Bottom and top yellow on one pixel Corals Tube is the hardest to see
      Coral Fans 2018-11-08_17.51.32.png Mushrooms At the bottom
      Flowers At the bottom Saplings All except oak
      Torches At the bottom Vines 2018-11-08_17.49.03.png
      Iron Bars 2018-11-08_18.07.07.png Books All types of books
      Dried Kelp 2018-11-08_21.33.12.png Lever 2018-11-09_18.14.33.png
      Paper and Maps One pixel at the top right Doors At the bottom
      Flint and Steel At the bottom Music Discs On one side
      Totem of Undying At the bottom Phantom Membrane On one side
      Armor Stand Top pixel and bottom Rabbit Hide At the top
      Pufferfish At the sides Rails All except powered
      Bone At the top side Clock At the top
      Cake At the sides Tripwire Hook At the bottom
      Carrots Includes Golden
      Raw and Cooked Mutton At the bottom


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        15. 2018-11-08_17.48.17.png
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        16. 2018-11-08_17.49.03.png
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