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Dual Crossbows Just... is Broken


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    • Minecraft 18w43a
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    • I am running MCJE on an ancient *Windows 7 Home Premium*. I don't know the Java version.
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      I actually bought Java Edition a long time ago, but my ancient Windows 7 is so slow that I didn't play for a while. Anyways, so I thought it would be cool to, because I have recently logged in and made it about 2.5% faster, test out 18w43a. Then I spawned a Pillager and Illager Beast. Then I made a cool banner with the new Loom block. Then I tried to use the crossbow. Then I got creative and tried to wield a crossbow in both hands (I had previously charged both of them) and it looked bad visually. I tried to fire them, but only the right-hand crossbow fired. I charged the two with my right hand and put them in my inventory with the other 7 that were charged (I thought it'd be cool to have a hotbar full of loaded crossbows before I put them in both hand).

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