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Command block activating without redstone (even though set to "Need redstone")


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    • Minecraft 1.13-pre8, 20w13b
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      I am finding that command blocks that are not sending redstone signals are still activating adjacent command blocks that are set to "Need redstone".  

      Example command block A is set to "Impulse", "unconditional", "Needs Redstone".  It contains a "execute" command that reports pass or fail

      Command block B is set to "Impulse", "conditional", "Needs redstone".  The block behind it is A.   It contains just a "say" command. 

      When a redstone signal is sent to B from another source (not A), the execute command of A fires anyway.  Yet the "say command" when it fires is not sending out a redstone signal (no adjacent redstone lights up)

      A should not be firing but it is

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