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Snowland have plains biome and ocean biome (Duplicate:MC-132213)



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      the 4 report

      Being not snow 1 chunk! Bad......

      Before you look at this vulnerability, look at MC-132213!

      What. What's going on in this beautiful snow?

      Put the summary of the bug you're having here

      When I formed snow puppets on the snow, I found a square grassland not far away.

      What I expected to happen was...:

      There are no more nudity in the snow on the snow

      What actually happened was...:

      There is a loophole with two biome in the snow. Another X coordinate in the plain shows the marine biome, and the other indicates plains, which pass through the margins of the blocks are snowfields.


      Seed coordinate missing Biome problem-biome
      -831438243221475643 X:4028 Y:64 Z:2692 snow(1chunk) ice_plains ocean,plains

       flow stepTeach you how to find this loophole

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1.create a world, choose seed -831438243221475643
      2.waiting for the world to load
      3.after loading, please use the command ( /tp @p 4028 64 2692 or /teleport @p 4028 64 2692 )

      4.How did MC-132213 exploit? Look at the steps here! (MC-132213 It's a display Grass square texture biological group error)

      This loophole is rare because it is hard to notice the bare grass texture

      I have 7 screenshots as an attachment

      Look at it after you see it MC-132213  

      under is loophole summary

      Summary part 1

      Because I wanted to play snowball with my players on the snow, I opened a multiplayer game, but... I used the same seed to send it here because there was a wide field of vision. But... Unexpectedly, I saw a square grass block, 2 blocks of marine and plain loopholes (MC-132213 more precise). Because there was no sand at all, and the texture was also carried out by two pieces of sand that did not generate sand instantly. A large number of players (usually 70% of the players) have seen this loophole, so why is it still invalid?

      Summary part 2:

      Since it is snow, why is there such a leak and the lost snow? After losing the snow, I saw that the later version (1.8) could be seen. Not just that, not to mention 1.13 of these things. So there was no such flaw in the ice tower, and it happened in the snow.


       Summary part 3

      The vulnerability that had happened was also affected, Minecraft Wiki said that 60% of the world's main land was covered by the ocean. Then the block is one of the "1%" components, and this flaw is especially rare, but it's more likely to appear on the snow, because you can see the bare snow. On the plain, you need to see the grass cube biome (MC-132213). A block found in light green is a marine biome even though it is a loophole. Therefore, in the snow field, grassland is not only produced in one block!

      Summary part 4

      Think about it in a different way! If you look at it again, you can succeed and you can see it! But I seem to say there is something wrong with this loophole. Yesterday, MC-132213 reviews looked at it. Someone said I was "and it's not like a loophole." this is actually a loophole. Think about it from another angle. Maybe all Minecraft players can see it.




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