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      I started to notice that the villagers I captured in fences to keep them closer to my homestead in minecraft were just kind of roaming free despite having put them all in fences. I remember hearing about the villagers glitching into the ground and I wrote it off as a villager bug, but to my dismay and many attempts to fix my live stock such as sheep, cows, chickens and other seem all to happy to walk out of completely closed off fences and much around in my farm, as such I unfortunately am losing a lot of wheat melon and pumpkins to my livestock walking out of their enclosure. So I almost wonder if the fences are glitching or if it is a universal mob glitch. Either or I was hoping the last update would fix it but to no avail it still persists and I tried tweeting Jeb about it but then upon visiting the website for minecraft it told me that was probably a bad idea where as my complaint towards the matter may go unseen. I am hoping that this matter will get some attention where as it has made my minecraft life a tad difficult. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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