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Server "combination" issues



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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.12.2
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      I am using a Surface Pro 2 running Windows 8.1.

      I have a decent connection that can typically handle servers with no lag.

      My computer is fully able to run Minecraft with a ~20 framerate.
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      Sometimes, servers can "combine" features if you try to connect to multiple ones.

      By this, I mean that if a server fails to load all the way, sometimes the loading task is kept. Then, when you sign into a different server, it can finish loading the original. This creates combinations of servers with various effects that appear to be based on Minecraft trying to combine the inputs.

      This has happened to me twice with varying effects.

      Some things that can happen:

      • If the Minecraft day/night cycle for the servers are on different times, they will switch back and forth with each other.
      • You can go to the other server randomly, with no obvious changes except the one above.¬†However, the server(s) will still identify you as unusual. (This was the first time this happened. I got kicked from Minecade for having a kill aura.)
      • You can be loaded partially into the other world with the previous server's collision and chat. The screenshots provided show this effect. All graphics will be of the new server. However, no one on the new server can see you, and your skin will be all black, no matter what.
        • If you load into a new subserver, these effects go away.

      How to replicate:

      This is partially luck-based. It won't happen every time.

      However, your best shot would be to try to load a server, then quit when it's almost loaded. Then, try to open a new server.

      Even though this appears to be a rare glitch, it should still be fixed. I could see people getting banned instead of just kicked like me.

      Screenshots show a combination of Mineplex and Minecade. I have no ranks on either server, and therefore cannot fly.

      This might affect other versions as well.


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