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Comparator in subtraction mode does not update visually under certain conditions



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.5, Snapshot 13w11a, Minecraft 1.5.1, Minecraft 1.5.2, Snapshot 13w18c, Snapshot 13w19a, Minecraft 1.6.3, Minecraft 1.6.4, Minecraft 13w36b, Minecraft 13w37a, Minecraft 13w37b, Minecraft 13w42b, Minecraft 13w43a, Minecraft 1.7.1, Minecraft 1.7.2, Minecraft 13w48a, Minecraft 13w48b, Minecraft 13w49a, Minecraft 1.7.3, Minecraft 1.7.4, Minecraft 14w04b, Minecraft 14w21b, Minecraft 1.7.10, Minecraft 14w30a, Minecraft 14w30b, Minecraft 14w32a, Minecraft 14w32b, Minecraft 14w32c, Minecraft 14w32d, Minecraft 14w33a, Minecraft 14w33b, Minecraft 14w33c, Minecraft 14w34a, Minecraft 14w34b, Minecraft 14w34c, Minecraft 14w34d, Minecraft 1.8-pre1, Minecraft 1.8-pre2, Minecraft 1.8-pre3, Minecraft 1.8, Minecraft 1.8.1-pre2, Minecraft 1.8.6, Minecraft 1.8.8, Minecraft 15w31a, Minecraft 15w31b, Minecraft 15w31c, Minecraft 15w32a, Minecraft 15w32b, Minecraft 15w32c, Minecraft 15w33b, Minecraft 15w33c, Minecraft 15w38a, Minecraft 15w42a, Minecraft 1.8.9, Minecraft 16w05b, Minecraft 16w06a, Minecraft 16w07a, Minecraft 16w07b, Minecraft 1.9 Pre-Release 1, Minecraft 1.9 Pre-Release 2, Minecraft 1.9, Minecraft 1.9.1 Pre-Release 1, Minecraft 1.9.1 Pre-Release 2, Minecraft 1.9.1 Pre-Release 3, Minecraft 1.9.1, Minecraft 1.9.2, Minecraft 16w42a, Minecraft 1.11.2, Minecraft 17w06a, Minecraft 17w14a, Minecraft 17w15a, Minecraft 1.12 Pre-Release 5, Minecraft 1.12 Pre-Release 6, Minecraft 1.12, Minecraft 1.12.1, Minecraft 1.12.2, Minecraft 17w43a, Minecraft 17w43b, Minecraft 17w45b, Minecraft 17w46a, Minecraft 17w47a, Minecraft 1.13-pre3, Minecraft 1.13-pre4, Minecraft 1.13-pre6, Minecraft 1.13-pre7, Minecraft 1.13, Minecraft 1.13.1, Minecraft 1.13.2, Minecraft 19w08b, Minecraft 1.14 Pre-Release 2, Minecraft 1.14 Pre-Release 3, Minecraft 1.14 Pre-Release 4, Minecraft 1.14 Pre-Release 5, 1.14.4, 19w38b, 19w40a
    • Fix Version/s: 1.15 Pre-release 1
    • Confirmation Status:
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      A redstone comparator in subtraction mode, fed with the same signal strength to the input (back) and one of the sides (left/right), stays visually on if the input signal turns off before the side signal does.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. place a comparator
      2. put it in subtraction mode
      3. feed it any signal strength to the input
      4. feed it the same signal strength to the left/right
      5. output turns off, comparator torches stay on
      (comparator "visually on" though it's not outputting any redstone signal)
      6. turn off the signal to the input, output stays off, torches stay on
      7. (optional) turn off the signal to the side, torches still stay on
      8. (optional) remove everything except the comparator. torches still stay on

      Expected behaviour:
      I expected the comparator torches to turn off at (5).

      Code analysis by [Mod] Marcono1234 here


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