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block states can't be used in /give, /clear and /replaceitem, but can be used in /setblock /fill /execute detect and /testforblock


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      As of 1.11 snapshots you can use block states in /setblock, /fill, /execute detect and /testforblock, rather then meta data, this makes /give, /clear and /replaceitem stupidly hard to use, to get the right item.
      This also affects models; models are named acacia_log, where in game you have log2:0.

      The best way to fix this is to make them separate blocks (like the model files), in the attachments (the_flattening.txt) is a LONG list of blocks that shouldn't be block states but their own block.
      The model/block state files should be renamed too when they are not the same as listed below.

      This list contains:

      • Block states that shouldn't be block states.
      • Logical changes.
      • Changes that'll make the code more sane.

      Build up like this:

      • Current collection
        • What it should be (old data value(s)/old block state(s)/{old nbt data})
          • Additional note(s)

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