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Cant Teleport or change Motion of Boat while Player is in it



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.12
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      Windows 7
      Minecraft (Java) 1.12
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      I have many bugs to do with boats. I found these while trying to make a mario kart style game with boats. In this, I wanted to be able to teleport boats with players in them. This turned out to not work at all. This was in 1.11.2 and continues to fail in 1.12.

      Using /tp @e[type=Boat,r=3] ~ ~20 ~ while in a boat did not change its position, nor if u change any of the x y z values.

      To replicate this first bug, do the following.

      1. Spawn a boat (on land or water)
      2. Get in the boat
      3. Run this command: /tp @e[type=Boat,r=3] ~ ~20 ~

      But this is only half the problem. Trying to add Motion to the boat also fails. I wanted to use this as a Boost Power-up in my game, but changing the Motion tag only worked with no Player within the boat.

      To replicate, do the following:

      1. Spawn a Boat
      2. Get in the Boat
      3. Run this command: /entitydata @e[r=3]


      When out of the boat, it flies away with high velocity. When in the boat however, nothing appears to happen. To continue some testing on the boat, I also tried to apply an effect on the boat, to which it said it could not find the boat. To replicate:

      1. Spawn a Boat
      2. Run: /effect @e[type=Boat] speed 10 1 true

      After these 3 Bugs, I found it necessary to report them as this was once possible (apparently) before 1.9, which it now doesn't work. I have looked at other Issues on this site, but they seem to be falsely resolved. I therefore hope it is resolved and fixed soon so I can use these within my commands.


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