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Map tooltip shows "Unknown Map" when taking zoomed out map and placing, taking and placing it in cartography table


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    • Minecraft 1.11.2, Minecraft 1.12 Pre-Release 7, Minecraft 1.12, Minecraft 1.12.1 Pre-Release 1, Minecraft 1.12.1, Minecraft 1.12.2, Minecraft 17w50a, Minecraft 1.13.1, 1.15.2, 20w20b, 1.17.1, 1.20.2, 23w40a
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      The bug

      The tooltip of a map (filled_map) shows "Unknown Map" when you zoom out a map, take the result item, directly place it in the cartography table, take it and place it again.

      How to reproduce

      1. Right-click a map (map)
      2. Place the ingredients for zooming out the map in the cartography table (map in top slot, paper in bottom slot)
      3. Take the output map and put it in the cartography table upper left input slot
      4. Pick up the map
      5. Place it again in the same slot
      6. Hover over the map

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