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Block Entity does not apply enchanting glow if enchanted


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      A feature long used by Minecraft maps and servers is to add the "ench" tag to an item in order to make it glow.

      Pre 1.11, one could put an empty enchant list on the item to make it glow.

      Now in 1.11, the client requires the list is not empty. This can be worked around by actually giving an item the enchant and then use the HideEnchants flag.

      However, the client still will not render any Block Entity itemstack with the glow.

      This relates to (in MCP naming)
      RenderItem#renderItem(ItemStack, IBakedModel);

      if (model.isBuiltInRenderer()) {}

      This rendering path does not process the same effects applying process.

      This is devastating to servers that have built up custom items with lore and glowing effects to mark them as special.

      These items now do not stand out against their normal counterparts.

      The client should keep the same behavior previous versions have and render any item that has the ench tag not require the list to be non empty, so that itemstacks created expecting the previous behavior still function the same.

      It would be good if Tile Entities also were able to receive the effect (was not applying in past either, but requesting it be fixed)

      Stick: - WORKS

      /give @a minecraft:stick 1 0 {ench:[{id:0,lvl:1}],HideFlags:1}

      Stick: - USE TO WORK

      /give @a minecraft:stick 1 0 {ench:[]}

      Chest: - DOESNT WORK

      /give @a minecraft:chest 1 0 {ench:[{id:0,lvl:1}],HideFlags:1}

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