Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version 21w14a - HTML format


  • [MC-203854] - Fishing rod texture always looks like it has been cast when in the player's hand
  • [MC-207173] - Entering only colons into multiplayer Direct Connection & pressing enter crashes the game
  • [MC-210155] - Command block output no longer is displayed immediately after running a command
  • [MC-213665] - Crash upon attempting to generate a world with a height of 0 blocks
  • [MC-214287] - Crash upon entering a nether portal when logical_height is set to 0 and min_y is set to 80 or greater
  • [MC-214823] - Ice spikes can generate in caves
  • [MC-215120] - World-gen datapacks can cause crashes when first generating world
  • [MC-216649] - Default type surface builders don't generate below y=50
  • [MC-216697] - Having 'min_y' set to lower than -64 causes either a crash or the world not to behave correctly if the height limit wasn't modified
  • [MC-217702] - Game crashes (ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException) during world feature placement / decoration
  • [MC-218669] - Mineshafts don't connect to the caves ceiling in case of a lava lake and are floating
  • [MC-219849] - Fishing doesn't animate or render the rod, line or bobber anymore
  • [MC-220054] - Crafting preview for furnaces/blast furnaces cycle through Deepslate Copper, Emerald & Coal Ore
  • [MC-220066] - Barrels can be duplicated by blowing them up while they are open
  • [MC-220652] - IndexOutOfBound exception hard crash when loading a simple custom dimension datapack
  • [MC-221549] - Parity Issue: There is no waxed oxidized copper
  • [MC-221553] - The end dimension generates differently than it did previously
  • [MC-221586] - Excessive pillager spawning in pillager outposts
  • [MC-221673] - Ocean monuments are completely empty

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